Costa Adeje’s bid to host the national gastronomy competition

Winning would see chefs from all over the country competing to represent Spain for the highly-prized Bocuse d’Or

25 january 2023
Costa Adeje, in conjunction with Acyre Canarias, has been put forward as a potential location for the IX national gastronomy competition.  The news was announced today by the Adeje tourism councillor, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera and the economic development councillor, Raquel Rodríguez Alonso, alongside the president of Acyre Canarias, Pablo Pastor.  (Acyre Canarias is the regional association of chefs and pastry chefs).  The other candidate to host the event is La Rioja, and the decision will be made in a few months.
The national gastronomy competition is an annual event organised by the national federation of chefs and pastry chefs and brings together professionals across the gastronomic board and from all over the country, competing to take part in the Bocuse d’Or, known as the world gastronomy games. 
According to Raquel Rodríguez, “Adeje’s gastronomy has becoming a valuable asset to the region.  We have an incredibly varied menu, high quality local produce, such as we have brought to the food fair Madrid Fusion, honey from Alexis Ortega, El Gorito, the winning cheeses of Montesdeoca, the deserts from Le Croissant, and more”. 
The tourism councillor  added that if Costa Adeje was chosen “It would consolidate our position in the gastronomy world, nationally and internationally”, and referenced the fact that the borough currently boasts 4 Michelin starts, 2 for El Rincón de Juan Carlos**, and one each for Nub* and San-Hô*.