Adeje council and the ULL enhance professional work placements for young people

The ‘Praxis’ programme works to allow young graduates get work experience

16 december 2022
Adeje council and the University of La Laguna (ULL) have presented the ‘Praxis’ programme, a programme for work experience to encourage social integration.  The project will see up to 30 people who have graduated from university, or other third-level bodies, gaining work experience in different companies in the borough.
The councillor for economic development and employment Raquel Rodríguez Alonso underlined that “the importance that the council sees in giving young people any assistance in entering the labour market has led to the creation of the Praxis programme, which is divided into three parts – training, orientation and work experience with a company for 5 months. “
To participate in the programme you need to be under 35 years of age, have graduated with a degree or masters/third level certificate ‘level 3’, be resident in Adeje, and signed on as a job seeker with the Canarian Employment Service, so you are unemployed or seeking to improve your employment, and fill out this form:
The Praxis programme will be working to connect students with particular qualifications to a company within the Adeje business network.   The aim is to improve employment possibilities for those who have recently graduated, increase the chance of finding a job that suits their interests and qualifications, and overall the Praxis programme intends to improve the economic fabric of the borough.
The training part of the programme will concentrate on giving participants tools they can use and need to integrate into their new work environment.  
The programme is co-funded by the Adeje council and the ULL employment agency.