Tamaide homes renovated thanks to funding from the Urban regeneration and renovation programme

The money is from a fund specifically for social housing reformation

21 november 2022
Work on blocks I,II and III of the Residencial Tamaide building, in the Las Nieves neighbourhood, has finished.  The aim of the work was to renovate the urban zone, and the three blocks, with 120 social housing units.  The communal areas surrounding the complex have also been upgraded and improved. 
The councillor for works, Esther Rivero Vargas, said that “the work on these homes was made possible thanks to the contribution from public administrations, directly helping improve the living conditions of 120 families in the borough”. 
The work carried out was under the programme for assisting the renovation and regeneration rural and urban (ARRU 2018 -2021), with the participation of the Spanish department of development, the Canarian regional government, the island government and councils.  The state financed 40% of the work, the regional government contributed 30%, the Cabildo paid 16% of the costs, and the Adeje council the remaining 13%.
The work carried out included the waterproofing of the block roofing, cleaning and painting the facades, fixing interior common areas, changing the woodwork on the exteriors, upgrading the plants in the communal outdoor areas, and led lighting in the plaza and communal zones
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