Micro-plastics and vegetal diversity were the key elements in a nature protection weekend

Adeje council, as part of TREEMAC are working on awareness and sustainability projects throughout the year

23 september 2022
Last weekend saw a group spend a morning on Playa de La Enramada picking up rubbish, from cans to micro-plastics, while others were exploring the vegetal diversity of the Parque Central in the town, celebrating World Clean-up Day on September 16th and 17th. These and other projects are all part of the TREEMAC programme in the borough.
On Saturday September 16th there were guided visits through the Parque Central, where residents of Adeje were able to see, first hand, the diversity of plants that are being grown here.  With experts on hand giving detailed explanations, visitors saw the different kinds of woods that are being created, the plants and trees that are growing side by side in different parcels including a water feature with aqua plants and fish and amphibians.   Among the visitors was a group from the Los Olivos School for persons with special needs, and their monitors. 
Enramada beach was the setting for Sunday’s activities, with a clean-up taking place along the strand and the surrounds of the beach.  The activity attracted a fair amount of beach users who took part in the clean –up and were interested in the project.  As well as plastics the group took away cigarette ends, and from the beach surrounds, cans and tins, cartons, bottles, discarded masks and paper. 
The beach event was followed up by a workshop on different recycling activities.
TREEMAC is a European project centred on the creation of a EuroAfrican network of natural spaces, to improve awareness, valuation and development of biodiversity and ecosystems.  The project is working to increase public knowledge regarding the need for conservation and protection of the environment through the creation of green infrastructures and the improvement of development of ecological forestry and social sustainability.
The INTERREG MAC programme brings Madeira, the Azores and the Canary Islands together with EU funding, working to contribute to the creation of a unified strategy for intelligent, sustainable and intelligent growth via economic, social and territorial cohesion in these ultra-peripheral regions of the EU as well as in conjunction with the nearest African countries of Senegal, Mauritania and Cape Verde.