Adeje joins the CD Tenerife centenary celebrations

Adeje is an excellent example of the kind of collaboration we appreciate

7 may 2021
Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodriguez Fraga and the president of CD Tenerife Miguel Concepción met this week to confirm details of jointly held events to celebrate the centenary of the foundation of the sports club which will be held in 2022.  The mayor and the presidents were accompanied by the Adeje sports councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera and one of the club’s vice-presidents, Milagros Luis Brito, who is also the coordinator of events celebrating 100 years of the club.
Concepción thanked the mayor for the welcome in Adeje and the ongoing and important ties the club has with the borough. In 2014 CD Tenerife signed a long-term agreement with Adeje covering training and participation in the local municipal football school and in an annual training camp each summer (last summer excepted).
Adeje’s mayor said, “Adeje has been and will always be supportive of the football club that represents this island, and in particular in what is to be a very special year next year, as the club celebrates 100 years since its foundation. 
"We value very much the work the club has done with our young people over the last seven years through the municipal football school, assessment, technical assistance, and the logistics a young club and school requires. We are equally proud to have players from Adeje in the CD Tenerife teams, including the professional side that are currently in the second division.
The club president outlined how the club valued their relationship with Adeje, and how in general the “the support of local boroughs is really important.  Adeje is an excellent example of the kind of collaboration we appreciate and we also consider it a key borough in the continued growth of the club and hope it will also play a close part.
“CD Tenerife is of importance for thousands of fans and we have a high number of season ticket holders, registered fans and fan clubs here in the south of the island. And I promise you they will be very much a part of the celebrations to come next year”