Adeje creates a QR code against domestic violence

Stickers with the code will be available in various shops, businesses and many public areas in the borough

4 september 2020


The Adeje department of Equality, under Councillor Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, aware of the fact that today’s society is not free of sexual inequalities, nor of its  most violent expression, domestic violence, has launched a campaign, “Cuenta Conmigo, cuento contigo” (Count on me, I’m counting on you), funded by the national pact against domestic violence.
The campaign was presented and approved by the Adeje Equality Council and is a series of questions and answers under the main theme, with the specific QR code.  It will be available through shops, businesses and in private and public spaces, and with it the information you might need is just a click away, information about recognising and dealing with domestic and gender violence.
“We are continuing to work together on advancing and promoting safe relationships, relationships free from violence and with this small action, part of the ongoing daily work of our department, we are looking to reach the public in general and women in particular, giving them all the information they might need”, said the councillor.
Businesses who would like to take part in the campaign, free of charge, can order the stickers in the equality office, Edificio de Usos Multiples, C/. Tinerfe el Grande, 32.  Or call 922 756244 or email igualdad
QR Codes
A QR code is a graphic which contains codified information and only readable with a mobile phone camera lens. When you open this one you will be taken to the relevant page.  and information that you need about domestic violence, signals, myths, truths, the cycle of violence, and what you can do if you find yourself in a domestic violent situation and municipal resources available to you.   The page will also lead to you direct contacts with the council personnel who can help.
One in three women are sexually or/and physically abused in Europe. In Spain and the Canary Islands the figures are not encouraging which is why the councillor stressed that “we are not simply working to help women who are victims and living with this violence but also, as part of the fight against domestic violence, we want to increase the general awareness of the issue, so that more people are aware of the phenomenon, that everyone realises that domestic violence should never happen and does affect all of society.